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Residential Stone Restoration and Cleaning Services

You have made a significant investment in the premium natural stone floors, countertops or other surfaces in your home. It is a major part of what makes your home magnificent. Having made this investment, it is important to preserve the life of these splendid surfaces through proper maintenance and care.

Stone Specialty specializes in keeping these surfaces beautiful. Whether through the ongoing care and maintenance of your stone; repairing cracks, chips or breaks in the surface; or removing stains caused by wine, coffee or other dark colored fluids, Stone Specialty will return your natural stone to the original luster that you desire.

Examples of Residential Stone Surfaces We Can Help You With:

Stone Specialty Can Solve All of Your Natural Stone Needs Including:

Care & Maintenance
By making a small investment in proper care and ongoing maintenance, your stone will remain beautiful for the many years that you own your home.

Stone Sealing
Sealing your surfaces will prevent further damage and preserve the life of your stone.

Occasionally, you may have the need to repair a chip, crack or break in one of your stone surfaces. We will fill in holes and chips and repair breaks by using a tinted epoxy to create a seamless, smooth stone that you would never know had been damaged.

Removing Stains
Did your recent houseguest spill red wine on your beautiful marble floor or do you have coffee rings on your countertop? Stone Specialty can remove stains from all of your stone surfaces.

Floor Restoration
Return your floors to their original shine through a state of the art process called Diamond Polishing. We are experts at Diamond Polishing and are certified by the Marble Institute of America to do so. Please don’t allow someone to use any other abrasive process on your precious floors as these can cause permanent damage.

Grout Cleaning
Over time, grout becomes discolored or stained. We will clean your grout and bring it back to its original color.

Uneven tiles and floors are not only unsightly but they can become a trip hazard for your family and guests. Stone Specialty will use a technique called flattening to level the surface of your floors to ensure your family and friends are safe in your home.

Stripping & Refinishing
Have your floors or countertops lost their luster from the buildup of wax or other chemicals that have been improperly used to clean them? We can strip this wax and chemical buildup and restore the stone to its original shine.

Whether your natural stone makes up your floor, countertops, a shower, your fireplace or a wall, Stone Specialty can meet all of your natural stone needs and specializes in the following types of stone surfaces:

• Marble
• Travertine (both Marble and Limestone)
• Stone
• Ceramic Tile
• Slate
• Granite
• Limestone
• Terrazzo

If you would like more detailed information on the processes used in these services, please visit our Resource Section.

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