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The individual who cleans our home unknowingly used a chemical on our marble fireplace hearth that eats away the surface of the stone. Day after day, I frustratingly stared at the etched streaks on the fireplace not knowing that there was a simple resolution. Upon a friend's recommendation, I called Stone Specialty and within days, their team came out and polished the marble, restoring it to its original luster and eliminating any trace of the unsightly streaks. Thanks for your friendly and professional service and for ridding me of the frustration upon seeing my fireplace everyday.

- Jessica W., New Stone Specialty Customer

My overall experience with Stone Specialty has been very good and their services are not outrageously expensive like most of their competitors. They are very amenable to working with you to determine the best solution for your stone surfaces. They are nice people, easy to work with, try very hard and are very good at what they do.

- Barbara M., Long-time Stone Specialty Customer

After my recent remodel, my contractor left my marble bathroom in disarray. There was a film on everything and the marble was dull. It needed serious work. After contacting many stone specialists, I was delighted to find Stone Specialty. The representative came on-site and worked with me on a proposal that met my needs. Within one week, the work was complete and they were able to make my marble glitter and shine. They did a great job and I can't say enough about their services.

- Jen J., New Stone Specialty Customer

I've used Stone Specialty for years on various marble and stone cleaning and repair projects. I have found them to be very efficient at a reasonable cost. The individual who represents Stone Specialty is an all around nice person who has given me advice over the years on maintaining my stone surfaces to keep them looking good.

- Marilyn E., Long-time Stone Specialty Customer


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